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Seeking Medical Supply Inventory Software?

Emergency Medical Supply Inventory Made Easy!

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Do you know where your assets are
and what is on your ambulance trucks?

National Technology Services Emergency Medical Supply Inventory Software System (NTSEMS System) is a very cost-effective bundled software/hardware solution for managing medical inventory quantities, locations, and history. This great emergency medical supply inventory software (EMS) has many features that are customizable to meet your needs.

Configuration options:
  • Windows PC Program
  • Batch Workabout Laser Scanner handheld computer (not RF)
  • Barcode Label Printer
  • Workabout Program
  • 1 year of technical support
  • Many Features of NTSEMS System Include:

    Receiving medical supplies inventory
    Tracking medical supplies on ambulance trucks
    Expiration Dates - Track your medications, latex, and much more!
    Depreciation your assets - backboards, spineboards and more!
    Total History
    Bar Code Labeling - Label your assets to make tracking easier and recovering your assets from the hospital simple!
    Web Posting
    Serial/Lot Numbers
    Min. Stock Levels - Never stock out of supplies again!
    Unlimited Notes per Item
    Alt. Part Numbers
    User Security
    Email Alerts - Let's you know what supplies need to be ordered so you don't run out!
    Handheld Computer

    NTSEMS System is designed to be an easy to use, user installable, medical supply inventory management turnkey solution. You can read the User Manual and be up and running in less than an hour. But the programmers who developed the program are available to provide support if you need it. And the same programmers are standing by to customize the medical supply inventory management software to suit your needs.

    You can use the handheld to update the PC however often you like. So why spend upwards of $100,000 on a Radio Frequency real-time system if updating your PC every hour, half hour, or more often, is sufficient? When you can't justify an RFID real-time system, but still need a medical supply inventory management software system to organize your inventory product flow, then NTSEMS System is your answer.

    Asset Tracking, Too
    NTSEMS System is also great for tracking assets. Where are your backboards, spineboards, stretchers, etc.? Would you like to know when something was dropped off with a patient, at what hospital, to where, and what squad did it so you can recover your assets? Would you like to see your asset cost by item or by location? How about finding out who has what supplies on their ambulance truck? You can print your own bar codes using our bar code printer, or we can supply you with durable preprinted serialized bar code labels. If you want to track your assets, with bar code scanning handheld computers and instant reporting, then NTSEMS System is your answer.
    Emergency Medical Supply Inventory Software System (NTSEMS System) - Track all of your medical equipment, medicine expiration dates, medical supplies and increase efficiency.  Know what is on your ambulances at all times!  Click here to learn more!
    Click here to learn how Delray Beach EMS Fire-Rescue Department is using our NTSEMS System!

    Emergency Medical Supply Inventory Software System (NTSEMS System) - Track all of your medical equipment, medicine expiration dates, medical supplies and increase efficiency.  Know what is on your ambulances at all times!  Click here to learn more!









    Use rugged handheld scanner to record transactions and locate items

    Click here to register for a free one-on-one demo of our Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

    Emergency Medical Supply Inventory Software System (NTSEMS System) - Track all of your medical equipment, medicine expiration dates, medical supplies and increase efficiency.  Know what is on your ambulances at all times!  Click here to learn more!
    Use bar codes to track assets

    Barcode Label Printer Option

    • Wasting time, labor, money looking for inventory?
    • Wasting time, labor, money with paper based operations?
    • Over stocking because you didn't know what you had?
    • Running out of stock?
    • Losing sales because you didn't have what you thought you had?
    • Losing sales because you thought you didn't have it but you did?
    • What if the warehouse man who knows where everything is quits, dies, goes out on disability?
    • Wondering how much money you have tied up in inventory?
    • Wasting time digging for paperwork for a returned item?
    • Wasting time entering data into multiple spreadsheets or databases?
    • Losing demo/evaluation equipment out on loan?
    • Shipping newer products while older products expire unsold/unused on the shelf?
      • Losing too much money on expired items?
      • Expired items being found by inspectors?
    • Being asked for the whereabouts of an asset for which you're responsible but have no clue?
    • Nobody wants to take inventory?
    • Too many hands on the inventory and nobody keeping track?
    • Keeping up with scheduled tasks for specific items?
    • Under utilization of what you have due to not knowing what's there?
    • Tracking maintenance for ambulance trucks?
    • Depreciating ambulance trucks?

    • Reduce inventory taking schedule
    • Increase inventory accuracy
    • Find inventory/tools/equipment faster
    • Save on labor
      • Labor taking inventory
      • Labor searching for stock
      • Labor keying from paper
      • Labor correcting errors from keying
      • Labor calculating replenishment orders
      • Labor searching through papers for information on a specific item
    • Stop ordering new inventory you didn't know you already had
    • Stop inventory from being out of balance
      • Too much inventory you don't need
      • Not enough of what you do need
    • Stop duplication of effort from multiple entry in various spreadsheets
    • Use items before they expire
    • Minimize or eliminate safety stock
    • Minimize or eliminate stock outs
    • Stop relying on one person who "knows where everything is"
    • See the value of your inventory with one click
    • Simplify ordering with the "Items Below Minimum Quantity Report"
    • Stop losing orders because you thought its out of stock, but its not
    • Automate periodic item specific events
      • Preventitive maintenance
      • Calibrations
      • Warranty expirations
    • Recall all service notes for a returned item
    • Know which lots of raw material are used in which finished goods
    • Know which items are on which vehicles
    • Know whereabouts of evaluation/loaner equipment
    • Know who checked out what gear when, and when it was returned
    • Know item destruction history
    • Know present value of depreciated assets
    • Use Lot numbers to effectively monitor first-in, first-out requirements
    • Comply with federal asset location monitoring requirements
    • Comply with controlled substance location monitoring requirements
    • Comply with freshness mandates
    • Comply with reporting mandates on stolen sensitive items
      • All your notes on specific items can be saved in the item record
      • For example, you could easily find mfg, s/n, date purchased, amount paid, PO#, etc. for police or insurance reports
    • Comply with freshness mandates

    • Rugged Handheld Computer Integration
    • Fast and Flexible Item Search
    • Import/Update Existing Items and Pricing from other applications
    • Adjustment to On Hand Quantities and Packing Holds
    • Add or Import Receipts/Putaway and Shipments
    • Add or Import Moves Between Locations
    • Multiple Locations per Item
    • Physical Inventory (Full and Partial), with Exception Report
    • Minimum Stocking Levels
    • Depreciation
    • Expiration Dates
    • Unlimited Comments per Item
    • Track Serial Numbers, Lot Numbers, and other item specific data
    • Search inventory by Product Number, Product Name, Location and Category
    • Kitting (tracking raw materials into assemblies and finished goods)
    • Handheld Inventory Lookup Functions (Locator System)
    • Exception Reporting, Value Reports, Price Lists, Audit Reports, "Inventory Days" Report, and Other Reports
    • Total History
      • Transaction History
      • Item History (easily restore shipped items)
    • Multiple Security Levels
    • Email Transaction Alerts
    • Network enabled
    • Internet Website Inventory View
    • Some User Customizable Fields and Functions
    • Extensive Detailed Userís Guide
    • Optional Barcode Label Printing
    • Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP Compatible (not Vista)
    • Finance Options: Purchase, Lease, Subscribe (pay-as-you-go), or 600 Plan (6 months, 0 interest, 0 payments)
    • New Features Coming Soon: Order Entry, Order Import, Directed Order Picking, QuickBooks Integration, Received Order Verification, and many more

    (Why our solution is uniquely the best)
    • Based on a system that was used daily, created for internal use
    • Support from the programmers, not outsourced level 1 technicians
    • Designed for flexibility and ease of use
    • Willing to customize as needed for your specific requirements
    • Developed in a native programming language; not subject to "blackbox" features of databases, i.e. Access, Oracle, etc.
    • Easy to talk to professionals that want to solve your problems
    • Flexible financing, including "pay as you go"/"software as a service"
    • Functional system with or without bar codes and/or handheld computers
    • Easily upgradable from Lite version or to future versions
    • Total integration; no confusion over too many modules
    • Award winning solutions development company solving problems since 1988
    • Continuous improvement and new feature development
    • Web based demonstrations of live software
    • Free demonstration/evaluation software
    • Free training for VAR's
    • Training available by day rate for VAR's customers
    • Fast problem report resolution. We're committed to a successful product and satisfied users. No delays from "problem escalation" and re-explaining your problem. Every problem report is a top priority problem attended to by the programmers from the beginning.
    • NTSEMS provides compliance with the "FDA Bioterrorism Act" allowing you to track food items from raw materials to finished goods

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    Master Inventory Input Inventory History Adjust Quantities On Hand

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